Lock is a mechanism for keeping a door, window, furniture typically operated by a key. A lock set) is the hardware and components that make up the lock mechanism that can usually be found on a door or other hinged object but can also include sliding doors, dividers, furniture, wardrobes etc The components of a lockset can include (but are not limited to) the door handles (commonly both inside and outside), latch bolt, dead bolt, face plate, strike plate, escutcheon, thumb turn, push button, turn button, and other trim.
A complete set of lock may incorporate a latch bolt, a deadbolt, or may integrate both into a single lockset.
The latch bolt lock is spring-loaded, allowing the door to be closed without first retracting the bolt. There may be a provision on the inside handle to disable (lock) the outside handle from operating the latch bolt A deadbolt lock may be projected only once the door is in the closed position; it will resist being forcibly retracted once it is in its projected position, hence is known as a deadlock Night latches are high security locks for main doors or entrance gates. They are generally provided with a separate handle and a normal lock.
Locks with electronic keys works by means of an electronic current and is usually connected to an access control system.
Further locks also include the furniture and cabinet locks which ensure safety and security of files and other personal items. The locks for furniture and cabinets can be invisible locks which are not visible, or electronic lock with touch pad or a card function or simple multipurpose locks which open and close with a key.

<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Secure your Family</FONT>

Secure your Family

A complete set of lock may incorporate a latch bolt, a deadbolt, or may integrate both into a single lockset.

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Your finger is the key</FONT>

Your finger is the key

The Digital or electronic locks basically provide security in the form of either a security code or fingerprint or a card.

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">High Security Entrance Door Locks</FONT>

High Security Entrance Door Locks

Entrance set is a complete set which includes all three things - lock body, cylinder and handles. It’s called American entrance set because lock is up and handles are in down in America the lock concept is reverse from Indian lock set concept.

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Solutions that work for your furniture</FONT>

Solutions that work for your furniture

Nowadays, as the life is becoming fast paced, the normal simple locks with keys are being replaced with digital locks which can be opened and closed with the security code. These locks are of many types such as – digital, with key, multipurpose locks etc.

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Protect your home with the best in the industry</FONT>

Protect your home with the best in the industry

Are you worried about the security of your office furniture? Or perhaps your lockers need a digital upgrade? It’s time to consider digital combination locks at your workplace!

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Digital Cabinet Locks</FONT>

Digital Cabinet Locks

Let your valuables & confidential items inside drawer cabinets be safer than ever with Cabinet Digital Locks from Benzoville.
For more details visit : http://bit.ly/digital-cabinet-lock

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">4 Easy Ways - Opens the Door to Smarter Living</FONT>

4 Easy Ways - Opens the Door to Smarter Living

Here are four ways can open the door to better security, convenience, and control.

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<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Hotel Locks</FONT>

Hotel Locks

New Age RFID Locks
Made for Hotel Rooms

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