<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Treat the Closet like a room</FONT>

Treat the Closet like a room

Bring it All Together: from Hanging to Storing

A complete room can be converted into a wardrobe closet. Basically it is a fusion of dressing room, and wardrobe together wherein there is a complete storage for all your wardrobe needs. It allows the person to choose clothes and accessories and get ready in one place at a go.
This place is generally created between a bedroom and bathroom. It not only allows you to store and hang clothes but also to keep shoes, bags, sportswear etc. Essentially it allows keeping all everything at one place. It provides with a space to sit with the help of pouffe, or a stool etc complete with a full length mirror and also a small mirror wherein a person can sit and get ready.
A walk in wardrobe can be divided into 2 areas specific for men and women separately. It can involve a difference in heights of hanging area, a longer one for overcoats and dresses and shorter ones for shirts, sarees etc, divider drawers for ties, belts and also for accessories such as bangles etc.
Such a flexible system with maximum use and endless possibilities of storage provides an excellent illustration of wardrobe closets to satisfy your needs.

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